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Birding Tour

species of birds are found in India. is a very big share
among the diversity found in the entire known world of birds.

India's location on globe and its own varied topography make India a favorite breeding and nesting spot for birds suited to unique climates, habitats and vegetations. There are more than 700 protected reserves for wildlife in India which include close to 103 national parks. Despite this, there are many birding locations that are not part of protected reserves but some very rare birds are found in such locations. Indian Moments, through years of off-beat travel explorations, compilation of local knowledge sources and taking help of most experienced nature guides has organized exceptional birding trips for some very discerning bird watchers.

Our logistical assistance in birding tours include

1. Complete planning of routes and trip schedules.

2. Compilation of fully updated bird list

3. Keeping watch on area specific ornithological studies and keeping travelers updated.

4. Providing most competent bird guides to assist in trips. Even our drivers are birding trained.

5. Providing food and lodging that are most compatible with the timing and scheduling of birding expeditions

6. Providing additional helpers, cooks, housekeepers and even essential housekeeping amenities from company's backup resources to help the birders stay in the lodgings as close to the hotspots as possible.

It's difficult to make out the most compelling reason of any birding enthusiast's interest in taking an expedition without a comprehensive discussion. We have seen many who come all the way to only see the Indian Tree-Creeper for which Tal Chhapar is a promising spot, or the Forest Owlet which may only be seen in Melghat Tiger Reserve. Or, to see the yellow-eyed Green Pigeon one may have to go the open carcass ground near Bikaner. The purpose of many sincere bird watchers is often much refined than the obvious. India, however, has many areas which may bring big smile on the face even the most choosy bird enthusiast. Such places can be the Jim Corbett National Park, Neora Valley National Park, the Nilgiri Reserve stretch of Western Ghats and Andaman Islands. Ideas and options are as diverse as India.

Latest birding feature- Tirthan Valley

Tirthan valley in Himachal Pradesh is highly picturesque, less visited and a promising place to explore for a big range of Himalayan birds. A large section of the valley falls within the Great Himalayan National Park. A great range of birds habitual of middle altitude to very high altitude is found here. This is also a very promising place to see the much sought after Himalayan Monal pheasant along with Western Tragopan and Koklaash. From snow partridge to slaty headed parakeet, the area is home to more than 200 species of birds. Indian Moments' own arrangements in Tirthan Valley include some home stays, hiking/trekking to the Great Himalayan National Park and even camping in high altitude with all assistance included.

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