Ceo's Desk


The extraordinary past 17 years of Indian Moments have been a beautiful journey in itself. Our work is the only profession that I know where the journey is the destination. This holds especially true while working for India; a country which has immense positive energy to make you move on. Equally great are the opportunities to see your own places through the eyes of others which help you become objective and level headed. As accomplishments, so many things happen but none could match the pleasure of being able to help visitors through our knowledge and experience. We made friends and developed warm relationships. As the travel and tourism in India in past years has reached a definitive phase, we are opening our guests to sense what is indefinite, sublime and infinite about India. India's ages old philosophies and spiritual insights, wisdom and conscience of ordinary humans and a great equanimity with inner and outer well-being rightly make India a land of solutions. I've seen lives of many visitors positively transformed due to India now somewhere being a part of their own self. It is in such journeys that Indian Moments sees its biggest relevance and contentment. While we continue enjoying our profession we hope to stay relevant for our customers who look to us as friends, companions and destination experts. You may expect us to find more new places, peoples, experiences and journeys in the time to come.

Pankaj Sharma