Majuli dance an unknown legacy

“In collaboration with Indian Moments, I am excited to present an extraordinary photo tour which promises to tempt the romantic in all of us.”

Traveling with Indian Moments, over the last six years has opened my heart and mind to the extraordinary and indescribable world that is India. They have become my dear and trusted friends and I am honored to partner with them. They shine with kindness and caring and are humble in their expertise and hospitality. Most of all they fully understand the heart of a photographer which is evident in the itinerary before you.

Under their intuitive guidance, we will weave our way through visual centuries of India and learn to focus on the images that matter most.

I have spent my life working as a fashion photographer for the best magazines in the world for which I have traveled from one corner to the next. But I can truly say there is no place that has found it’s way into my soul like India. I promise that you will never want to put your camera down and will regret it if you do. I cannot explain the magic that India holds over everyone who opens their eyes to it’s immeasurable beauty but I promise that beauty exists in every corner and every face you will meet. More than that, I hope to fine-tune your ability to detect a great shot in the midst of a swirling cornucopia of visual magic that can opentimes be overwhelming. Instead we will make it easy.

Donna DeMari


The itinerary that follows is a blue print for the journey we will share. But never underestimate the element of surprise waiting just around the corner.

  • Capital
  • City

November 19-20, 2023, Day 01-02


Our Indian welcome

Exceptional sightseeing program combining the ancient & the modern part of Delhi, which even includes things like riding rickshaw and walking in the spice markets. Stay will be in the plush Imperial hotel which is full of grandeur reminiscent of colonial era.

November 21-22, 2023, Day 03-04


Capturing the Indian life in Mukundgarh

The experience here will involve engrossing village walks, watching India’s colourful craftsmanship, cuisine appreciation and fabulous forgotten era feel. The place of stay is Mukund Haveli having stunning painted exteriors and beautifully crafted interiors.

November 23-24, 2023, Day 05-06


A spectacle worth a million shots!

These will be adventure filled days spent in exploring the sand dunes that are temporarily occupied by camels & horses along with their owners & onlookers. Your lodging will be in Indian Moments Camp comprising luxurious ensuite tents and glittering dining pavilion.

November 25-26, 2023, Day 07-08


Fading lights on stunning backdrops of towering palaces

Udaipur possesses a unique combination of vast palace complexes with overhanging balconies, a spectacular waterfront and a network of winding bazaars full of folk artistry with almost everything in perfect continuity that allows explorations on own pace & own terms. The stay will be in Fateh Prakash Dovecote which being located within the City Palace Complex makes it possible to explore the puzzling labyrinths of the old city each time when one goes out.

November 27-28, 2023, Day 09-10


Our time for some exotic shopping

The city is undisputed cultural capital of India with bazaars full of exotic shops, beautiful vibrant feel and several opulent palaces. Your place of stay is Jobner Bagh, which is a beautiful stand alone palatial lodge.


Our photo group will comprise 8 participants. The hotels in India, especially those in this tour, are truly fabulous places to stay and it works well to share the room. There is also an option of having exclusive room by paying a supplement. Our drives will be done through a very roomy air-conditioned vehicle and having a full time Indian Moments professional will help enriching the experience.

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