india in a week


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New Delhi

for 02 days

While we keep the beginning of these 2 days for easy acclimatisation in India, rest of the time is kept for activities that convey a great sense of India’s rich history, heritage and contemporary life in relationship with Delhi’s deep past and powerful current status. The sightseeing is made very interesting as it combines visits to important historical and modern landmarks, walks in big spice markets and rides on cycle rickshaw.


for a day

A slightly busy day as very engrossing visits are paid to giant Mughal buildings and architectural wonders like the Tajmahal, Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.


for 03 days

Jaipur delights every visitor for showing the life full of colors, pomp and pageantry. The time spent in the city matches with the popular description of Indian cultural scenes, festivals, friendliness and crafts. The trip ends with the transfer to New Delhi for your onward connection.