Majuli dance an unknown legacy

For any wanderer Sri Lanka fulfills expectations without shying away. You can't ask for more. It's an island nation packaged with unexpected attractions.
Here is what Sri Lanka is being mostly talked about in these times

An open society of smiling and welcoming people of progressive attitude. Pristine beaches that look to the vast Indian Ocean. There are many tastefully designed resorts/beach-houses with several in very private locations. Private gardens and experimental architecture. The Burgher community has immensely contributed to this. Picture perfect locales; seasides, jungles, national parks, A thriving art - culture of high fashion, designer boutiques and innovative arts to help social causes. Great food with a mix of abundant seafood, tropical agri-products and famed Sri Lankan spices. Stylish boutique hotels bearing personal touches and unexpectedly pleasing interiors.

A classic Srilanka itinerary may include

First couple of days affer arrival at Negombo. Nothing might work better than having tropical seaside relaxation which is so close to the airport of arrival.

Next couple of days to see the architectural heritage of Srilanka. Sigiriya that looks like a forbidden rock city is full of water gardens, gigantic Lion paws and steep climbs to the very top of the rock Fort. Dambulla, another masterpiece, has a series of murals-filled caves of Buddhist Era.

Some days in Kandy, the cultural heart. For the incredible 'tooth relic', spice gardens, energetic cultural shows, elephant orphanage, botanical gardens and a lot more.

A few days in the cool misty hills. For enjoying everything like a child. The trains through tea gardens, bird watching, tea factories, wildlife watching, picnics, hiking and lot more. From tea estates and lodges of Newark Eliya to spotting purple monkeys in Horton Plains and to relaxed stays in country cottages in Ella, all these days are the most charming Srilankan days.

A day in Yala National Park. The incredible jungle of leopards, elephants and crocodiles who all live so close to the beach.

Coastal drive and the Indian Ocean. Beautiful beach houses for stay that look to vast Indian Ocean. Places like Tangalle and Mirissa are great for surfing, whale watching and adventures. Watching turtle hatching and stilt fishermen are added joys.

Some fine time at Galle Fort. For heritage, boutiques, restaurants, arts and shopping.

Ending the trip at Colombo, the most cosmopolitan city of Sri Lanka. Combine your Luxury hotel stay with great shopping in fashion stores.