The Best of India and Nepal


  • Capital
  • City


for 02 days

Feel the pulse of the maximum city which is forever throbbing. A city of beautiful new gothic and Art Deco buildings, a city of wonderful museums and thriving arts scene, and a city of great resilience and character. Join the people in their daily pursuits of happiness, entertainment and great food.


for 02 days

UNESCO World Heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora will be explored in guided sightseeing. These ancient caves are unparalleled in artistry, scale, magnificence, sculptures and historical significance.


for 02 days

For the days being surrounded by palaces and opulence. A dream come true for photography and lovely Indian leisure time.


for 02 days

Jaipur delights every visitor for showing the life full of colors, pomp and pageantry. The time spent in the city matches with the popular description of Indian cultural scenes, festivals, friendliness and crafts.


for 01 day

A slightly busy day as very engrossing visits are paid to giant Mughal buildings and architectural wonders like the Tajmahal, Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.


for 02 days

A city depicting what is unperishable, continuous, ancient and resilient in Indian culture and its philosophies. A mix of walks, boat rides, discourses and engagements to feel the sensory overload, subliminal insights and personal spiritual space that this ancient spot on a River Ganga possesses.


for 03 days

Vast flat bottom valley, a rarity in the middle of Himalayas, which became a cradle of thriving culture and artistic expressions. The Durbar squares are architectural masterpieces to walk through and spend lots of time being part of a different cultural life.

Chitwan National Park

for 02 days

A fascinating wildlife reserve having vast grasslands to explore during elephant rides. Other great adventures include traversing meandering streams on canoes and taking open top jeep safaris in mud tracks that go deep into dense jungle.


for 02 days

Salubrious lake side setting of a pleasant town which is a popular base for trekkers intending to scale some of the most prominent mountain peaks in the world. Nice relaxed feel in the air and lots of great views all around.

New Delhi

for 02 days

A city that narrates volumes on Indian history, intellect and contemporary life in an attitude of its own. Crowded food streets, calm green vistas, neatly laid modern structures sharing spaces with historic monuments, great museums, ages old habits and fascination for everything modern- Delhi carries everything within itself with ease.