My husband, 4yr old son and myself have just returned from a 2.5 week trip of Nth India with Indian Moments. I am nothing short of changed as a human because of my experience in India - and the amazing team at Indian Moments had so much to do with that. We took a private tour completely furnished from beginning to end with them I am so grateful that we did. From the moment we arrived in Delhi (in the middle of the night no less) until the moment we left the country we were guided by the most professional, kind and caring people from their team. They truly feel like family! Akshay our driver was a water pond of peace within the car, that could thread the eye of a needle with his Toyota Innova. He was an absolute ninja on the chaotic roads of India. We have travelled a lot and I've feared for my life a number of times when being driven as a tourist - but not once did I worry about the safety of our family with Akshay. And his driving skill was just the beginning of what he offered on our journey. We are so grateful to him and will forever hold him dear in our heart. I was also really impressed with the guides they assigned in each city. Incredibly well educated, passionate and authentic locals proud to share their homes and the monuments of this nation of gigantic historical significance. I learnt SO MUCH! The Mukundgarh Haveli was possibly the highlight of our entire trip - and this was a trip that included spontaneous tears of joy at the Taj Mahal, Tiger sightings in Ranthambhore NP, Palaces, Sunset boat tours, romantic lakeside dinners, authentic yoga practice, rooftop meditations under the full moon and Maharaja level 5-star accomodation. So if you are offered the chance to visit Mukundgarh, do not pass it up. It's one thing for a tour company to do what they do well, but when our flight out of Delhi to return home was suddenly cancelled (no fault of IMs) that's when true colours can show. And IM responded as if we were family. Our driver (Raj just for that final leg) waited for hours at the airport with us while we sorted out an alternate flight and then we were promptly taken to the IM guest house in Delhi and treated to delicious home cooked meals for our "bonus" 24hrs in India. They genuinely cared and made sure we were not left in the lurch. That could have been a really stressful experience with a 4yr old, but it was actually quite exciting and a fun twist in what was an otherwise completely drama free journey of India! We are not a family that usually books with tour operators, and normally prefer self guided adventuring. But given the short amount of time we had and the fact we were taking our 4 yr old, we really wanted to ensure we got the most out of this glorious but sometimes chaotic country. And I am so so grateful that we did. IM honestly knew better than we did what we needed to truly enjoy our trip as a family. I am forever grateful and will always use them from now on when we return to India - which WE WILL!! Mother India has our heart and Indian Moments are our family. We love you so much xx Emma, Bobby and Indy. Special mention to Akshay, Manoj, Raj (delhi driver), Neeraj, Pankaj and his entire beautiful family, and the team at Mukungarh and Delhi guest house who so lovingly took care of us.

Emma Patrick & family, Australia, March 2019

We are extremely happy with your Company staff, guides and your chauffeur Ramkumar for taking very good care of us. I should say that you have a wonderful team to run the show very well. Wishing all of you health, wealth, peace and prosperity. Looking forward to meet you guys again. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality.

Mrs. N. Uma Balakrishna, India, May 2019

Dear Neeraj, Raj, and Manoj:

We can’t thank you enough for everything each of you did to ensure that our vacation in India was as wonderful as possible. You exceeded our expectations in every way, and your kindness and thoughtfulness throughout our trip made us feel that we are now family with a lifetime connection to each other. We both arrived home without any problems, a bit tired from the long flights but filled with amazing memories of our time in your extraordinary country. I can’t imagine how we could have had a better time (with the exception of Sheila’s illness which only allowed Raj’s saintliness to prove to us that he is a truly unusual man of extraordinary compassion and ingenuity). You are all very special people and we will never forget you as we revisit our experience in India with our friends and family through the many memories we have of our time together. Our warmest regards to everyone at Indian Moments!

Steve G., USA, Jan. 2019

Thank you for help & advise in planning our holiday, this was a unique experience & memories to treasure. I would definitely use you Indian Moments again & would recommend friends & family. Once again, thank you your team for all the support


Bhupendra & Bharat, UK, Jan. 2019

Hello Neeraj

It is Monday here in Memphis, Tennessee and I am still feeling the effects of the travel which is understandable. More important, I hope that I can retain the positive effects of the Lifetime Journey through parts of India, which you so skillfully and thoughtfully prepared for me. When I look back on it, the itinerary was well planned and a masterful cross section of places. 8 plane trips internally, and to locations as diverse as Nagaland and deep Kerala. I thank you and the Team so much, and cannot say enough good things about all. What you and Pankaj (please excuse my spelling) have built is admirable and impressive in many ways, and not strictly from a commercial standpoint.
In meantime, stay well and with So much appreciation again.

Sincerely, your

Yorke, USA Dec 2018 – Jan. 2019


Back home, I wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the organisation of our trip to India. The hotels were all very nice (next time I won’t take a suite each time) and all the services you provided excellent. Akshay is a very good driver and much more than that: he explained us many things, always patient and present when necessary. Manoj too is really efficient and helpful when we asked for some information. The textile museum in Bhuj was a real jewel and I did not regret at all the « Calico Museum « We hope to go back of course, next year maybe. The guide we had in Bhuj was very professional.
I hope you have many clients for the season.

With my best regards

C. Macaigne, Argentina, Jan. 2019

Dearest Neeraj,

We wanted to Thank You from bottom of our hearts for helping to arrange a wonderful trip. We also loved our Driver——“Shafik”——-He was outstanding!! Keep hiring Him…….he is so warm, respectful, he has a good sense of humor and he is very very caring. Every other Hotel and destination was pretty perfect. Beginning with a wonderful guide in Kochi, we really loved every minute. We could easily live in Kochi or at the Lake Palace in Periyar, or on our Houseboat, or the Talayar Bungalow in Munnar and at our beautiful Hotel Niraamaya. And we got to see our Beautiful Meenakshi Temple——we had been waiting for 40 years!! What a trip……..
Hopefully you are well and Happy. Again, Neeraj, we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

Best regards,

R. Molnar & Ed Angel, USA, Jan. 2019

In booking my latest trip to India (my first solo) I was looking for something different and more ‘off the beaten track’… once again Indian Moments triumphed and I spent two weeks visiting Orissa. From simple but beautiful homestays adjacent to a tribal village to the bustling temple city of Bhubaneshwar via the coast and into the jungle - it was perfect. The landscape is incredible and it is one of the only places I have visited where total silence (apart from the noises of the jungle creatures) is possible. Fewer travellers and tourists venture here currently and it was possible to observe daily rural and tribal village life and understand some of the concerns for that culture, important to have the company of a local guide who speaks the local dialect to get the best out of it. As always I left with a sense of unfinished business and a wish to visit this area again.

Best wishes

Fran D., UK (Oct, 2018)

We had a wonderful time on our trip and will definitely recommend Indian Moments to our friends! What really made it special was how organized and coordinated everything was. A large part of our pleasant experience came down to Raj. He was always on time, kept us on time, and was extremely patient with all of the requests that we had. Also, he brought us to great, non-touristy spots for lunch, which is exactly what we were looking for. And his driving was absolutely amazing! The guides in Agra and Jaipur were our favorites, and they were extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly how to best tour each site. The haveli stay was very special, and it was a great experience to be out of a city and to have a chance to spend the night in a historical building.

Thank you so much for your help, and we look forward to visiting India again!
Emma & John, US (Oct, 2018)

We are home and fully recovered from our travels. I can not begin to tell you how satisfied Anna, Alessia and I were with the entire trip. Your attention to every detail was remarkable and most commendable. The hotels we stayed in exceed our expectations. The tours and guides you provide for us were outstanding. I have previously comment on the exceptional service we received from Akshay and we can never thank him enough. Please convey to both Akshay and Manoj how very happy we were with their service.

Again, my most sincere thanks!
J. Satt & family, US (Oct, 2018)

We are back home now. We had a wonderful trip and all the drivers, guides came promptly at the previously arranged times. The hotels we stayed in were also excellent especially in Jaipur and Varanasi. We wished we had one more day in Varanasi but realize the airline cancellations are beyond your control. If we decide to do more travel in India in future we will definitely contact you. I have already given your information to our friends here who are considering going to India next year.

Thank you again for a great trip
Usha P. & family, US (Oct, 2018)

Hello Neeraj.,

Thanks so much for your thoughtful mail. Sri Lanka is indeed a hidden gem. We had an excellent time in Sri Lanka. Please extend my recognition to Sujith Jayathunga, our guide/chauffeur. He did an excellent job. Neeraj, the experience was fantastic, everything was well organized and you will hear from us very soon.

Thanks for your interest.
Alejandro, Mexico (Sep, 2018)

I wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to you and your team for providing us with so many thrilling and enjoyable trips over the years...over 17 years to be exact! The best part was knowing that we could always depend on you to make our stay at various locations as safe and comfortable as possible. When our room in Bhuj had no hot water, you moved us to a more luxurious room at no additional cost; if a guide was not up to par, you found a better one. The itineraries you suggested were perfect and based on our interests, be it cultural or historical. So, thanks to you, we have so many unique memories from our trips that I cannot list them all here. We always came first, and that is what set Indian Moments apart from other tour companies. I wish you growing success and will always recommend you to our friends in the States.

Take care and keep in touch,
Mrs. P., USA