3 beautiful tourist spots in India to see amazing textile works

Srinagar For embroidery

The bewitchingly beautiful Himalayan setting and the love for finer things in life by the residents together make Srinagar in Kashmir a destination that one may go year on year.

A great pleasure is to sail on Shikara similar to a personal gondola to explore the sprawling Dal Lake, narrow appendages of which go deep into the congested city spots. Here in small buildings on narrow lanes, expert artists work together in creating masterpieces in embroidery work. The threads are soft shaded silks and the work done completely done by hands is fine that looking even by magnifying glass can’t reveal any wrong stitch.

Varanasi For hand weaving of fine silks

Varanasi continues to be mentioned as place where one loses the rhythm of the senses only to reconnect with the rhythm in a fresh way. One falls in love with the sights, smells and sounds. Another ages old rhythmic sound Varanasi is associated is the sound of looms of the weaver. Her in Varanasi, men can be seen carrying bags of silk threads and fabrics over the heads through narrow crowded lanes as a connect between suppliers, weavers and sellers. India’s princesses, female film leads and damsels in Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings have been beautifully remembered as mostly wearing the silk sarees of Varanasi.

Jaipur for block-print dyes

India’s most colorful city is a complete cultural brand in itself for getting remembered as a place for pomp and page antry. There is no end to do things in Jaipur that entertain and enthrall any tourist. Jaipur is also very attractive to the shoppers for huge number of handmade artistic things right from coloured gemstones to colourful costumes. To see the cloth getting printed in designs by hand blocks is itself a pleasure. Jaipur is well known for its colourful costumes, home furnishings and fashionable wear.