his majesty himalayas


  • Capital
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for 03 days

Activities will involve doing what Shimla was purpose built for by the British- escape from the plains. Range of things will include the train ride chugging up, fancy walks on The Mall, seeing historic buildings and picnics.

Kullu Valley

for 04 days

An unmatched Himalayan landscape where glacier fed streams, torrents and rivers run down the verdant slopes from all directions and the local population for long disconnected with outside possess a living well adjusted with the unique ecology. Drives, hikes and treks in these four days cover magical sceneries, forests, birding and sleepy villages.

Kangra Valley

for 03 days

A lower Himalayan Valley with lofty snow peaked range overlooking, the valley that has traditionally remained connected with the plains has a more influenced culture that evolved in creating fine pottery, weaving and miniature painting. Days will be spent in appreciating the gentle slopes of terraced farms, tea estates, mountain railways, ancient temples, Gaddi villages and even going up McLeodganj to the seat of Dalai Lama.


Amritsar for a day and back to New Delhi

Not located in Himalayas but Amritsar not far away is unmissable for the solemn community activities in The Golden Temple, Beating the Retreat show on the Border and delicious Punjabi cuisine. The tour will end after the transfer back to New Delhi by train.