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Travelicious India!

New airports, better connectivity, modern highways, plush trains, beautiful new hotels in hinterland and a technology driven new ecosystem governing everyday life, all this is giving travelling in India a new dimension. More than ever, it's now possible to travel comfortably and safely in the deep interiors and remote frontiers of the great geographical stretch. The many narratives and legends that we all have lived reading about in connection with India, be it the Vedas and Ramayana to the Jungle Book and Beatles in India, are all possible today to somehow be relevant in each traveller's own trails and explorations. It's an exciting time to live in the storybook of your own, involve with something fantastic in India, unmindful of what everything else in the world is doing.

Happy travelling!

Insightfully yours

India continues to have a mix of enviable successes and some unfinished tasks. In the past decades of our working, we have found India transforming itself into a place of exciting opportunities, a wonderful public work culture and most importantly, a pool of talents of all kinds. On the lacking side, India continues to have work in progress on inequalities and equitable access to welfare. The first generation entrepreneurs like us felt very obliged to fill in such gaps and achieve the balance between being competent and being social entrepreneurs. Indian Moments was conceptualised and founded during the defining period of India turning from a closed socialism driven nation to an open market economy. My generation was the first generation which transitioned from being job seeker to actually becoming job creator. There has been, since then, a high sense of idealism governing over everything that we all have been doing together in Indian Moments, the idealism that the fruits of this independent living should be shared with as many other ordinary people like us as possible. We saw with great satisfaction in the case of so many who have worked with us that their economic prosperity brought their social prosperity. It was the equity that India was abysmally failing to achieve for decades which suddenly began happening, increasingly with every passing year. India witnessed a development of tremendous work culture in which for the first time, anybody was eligible to participate with possession of talent alone. People with traditional knowhow, well intentioned service behaviour and desire to new knowledge gained equitably without discrimination. Idealism runs high in Indian Moments and we picked people not on the basis of their identities but on the basis of what they could do. We own our own examples examples where a housekeeper went on to become exceptional chef, a stone mason who evolved into a wonderful general manager with even English speaking skills, a road cleaner who is now our asset manager, a boy on crutches who stitches all our upholstery in the Camp & Haveli and so many who could only resume their higher studies because we supported them. There are stories of human perseverance and beauties of human struggle. Together we have broken the glass ceilings and together we have realised all the happinesses without barriers. Its no small achievement as never have our guests from around the globe have found them falling anywhere short in professionalism, ethics and talent. This has been a relationship of two decades. In this period, we have watched them building their own houses, putting their children in better schools, inculcating & spreading responsible social behaviours, getting better in their relationship with their spouses and even developing highly responsible behaviour towards environment. This great achievement and great going has been there for everybody to see. We found that guests would feel equally as connected with us as they would feel with the destinations they have travelled. We have faced many ups & downs together and the Covid period has been the most testing of all. The Covid crisis showed that the clock could be turned back for worse if not dealt with utmost empathy and compassion. The best we could do about which we have great satisfaction is to provide medical help in the moments when it was extremely difficult in any other ways. We did whatever that we could for each other though we realise that it1s always much less than enough. Now, as the worst is behind, there is satisfaction that we could remain as ideologically driven as we have always been. We see this period of post pandemic as another defining moment of India in which lies a new phase of economic prosperity that might go to even greater social prosperity. Without hesitation we are participant and invite our like minded well wishing guests to participate. India is ever so beautiful and is welcoming everyone with open arms once again.

Earth Conscious Travel discussion

Tourism Operators as stakeholders in emerging Climate solutions

As the world reopens, we are eager to take some little steps in doing our work in more meaningful way and be of even more valuable assistance in an explorer's needs to travel, be entertained and socialise. We wish to begin sharing what we are thinking and implementing in our field as the possible Ways Forward.

Our world might sooner or later begin to live with the new normal post pandemic. A normal which must brace for an even bigger challenge known as climate crisis. Challenges to the earth & the societies are clearly visible. Everything must change for the better in response to this age of great uncertainties in climate, unpredictability of natural events and cruel abuse of natural resources. If this will not force us to change our actions then probably nothing can. Ignorance breeds irresponsible actions. Our actions have to shift to knowing and preserving our beautiful home known as Earth. As Travel Operators, we might not attempt to shame the world in actions. But we can inspire many through responsible actions. As humans, we only preserve what we feel good about.