Local support

Photo exhibition of

Mukundgarh girls

All the people who come to stay in Haveli ask us some questions related to what we have envisioned while restoring this place into something that is so different from the usual staying experiences. We have always said that we did because we always wanted to do it. Right since the time we first started profiting from our tourism business. The motivation to found Indian Moments was to bring the visitor closer to the real India ‘its people’. People of India are unique in their capacity of carrying along the entire historical legacy and cultural wisdom of India within themselves. Their behavioural culture narrates much more than what one finds in books or sometimes through experts. Our kind was the confident tourism rather than being stage managed or politically correct.

So, we aimed for a place of our own which we could throw open for everyone. Our Haveli is the place where guest is not guest and hosts are not hosts. They are one.

Sometime in early 2020 the Haveli was the place for a group of enthusiastic and aspirational local girls from Mukundgarh and around to be in an innovative workshop for empowerment through marketable skills and effective communication. The girls were getting trained in photography and interactive skills for employability though one of our regular American guests Nancy Goodrich. Afer two weeks workshop we organised a small feast and art exhibition of their work in which their families and other villages were invited. There was perceptible pride factor and appreciation visible on every face for the girls.

For us it was an effort in social outreach for sustainable and coordinated local community development through tourism. This was the template for the things to come. It looks we will dedicate a big portion of our involvement in participating in local development. We wish to ensure a meaningful participation for visitors, hosts and natives to come together to build a community. The pandemic brought a sudden halt to all this. However, we hope to begin from where we left with vigorous resurgence once the pandemic is over.