Terms of Services

Given below are the general conditions, under which the services will be delivered by Incredible Indian Moments Pvt Ltd (herein after Indian Moments), wherein the word:

  • Indian Moments refers to the Tour Operating Company at S - 207, Time Square, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, India which functions for the motive of earning profits in lieu of providing travel and tourism related ground services in India to its customers. We are authorized Inbound Tour Operators by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India (Our membership number is No. 5.TT.II (6) / 2007 – TO) and we are also member of IATO (Indian Association of Tour Operators). Our membership number of IATO is ALD030309.

  • Customer refers to any individual traveler or a group of travelers from any country in the world who purchase(s) a travel service or a combination of travel services from Indian Moments.

  • Agreement In this regard Indian Moments as ground tour operator in India is responsible towards daily arrangements of hotel rooms, meals, transport services and other travel related services purchased by the guest. The total chargeable values of all these services are notified to the customer by Indian Moments in advance. Customization remains the key part of this agreement in which the type of services and their value are proposed completely in accordance to the customer’s requirements/specifications. Therefore, it is believed that the customer has expressed his/her complete acceptance and has obtained all the relevant information about the purchased service and its price from Indian Moments at the time of making the booking and thus making an agreement of purchase from Indian Moments. With this agreement the customer also accepts the general terms and conditions laid by Indian Moments concerning bookings, amendments, cancellations, payments and others. It is also believed that a customer is intending to use the services of Indian Moments in India purely for the purpose of tourism or any legal business travel. Indian Moments is strictly against providing any assistance to any person or organization involved in any activity considered unlawful or prohibited by International and Indian laws.

  • Booking and amendments: The standard procedure by Indian Moments stipulates initiation of bookings and reservations of the services only after receiving agreement of services and initial payment from the customer. The reservations in the desired hotels, airlines, trains, etc will be confirmed to the customer only after Indian Moments has duly received the confirmation from these service providers. In the case when desired accommodation is not confirmed an alternative arrangement of similar standards is suggested and later booked after hearing approval from the customer. Services after being confirmed by Indian Moments remain definite under ordinary circumstances.
    Any amendments in services and arrangements desired by the customer in an already booked tour which is yet to commence is treated with priority and Indian Moments assist in such exercise where possible. However any escalation in tour price due to the amendment has to be paid by the customer additionally. Also any amount in terms of cancellation charge/retention charge levied by the service provider of previously booked service has also to be borne by the customer. If any amendment in already booked services become necessary due to any commitment of fault or negligence on Indian Moments’ part a suitable arrangement in its place will be provided by Indian Moments at no extra cost. However, the amended arrangement made by Indian Moments will be final and non-negotiable. Certain places in India offer limitations in terms of alternatives and any arrangement made by Indian Moments is thus non-negotiable.
  • Cancellation: In the event of any cancellation demanded by the customer the following cancellation rates apply.
    10% of the tour amount if tour is cancelled upto 90 days prior to the tour commencement date or 30 days from tour booking date whichever comes earlier.
    35% of the tour amount if the tour is cancelled upto 7 days prior to the tour commencement date.
    100% of the tour amount if the tour is cancelled in less than 7 days prior to the tour commencement date.
    Once the operation of the tour has begun, amendment, change of itinerary or arrangements desired by the customer, would be separately charged.
    Any refund due from Indian Moments takes a minimum of 30 days to be processed and be transferred back to the customer. Some hotels take longer time in processing the applicable refunds and Indian Moments’ refund to the customer accordingly takes longer time in such cases.

  • Escalation: The price of a tour offered by Indian Moments after the agreement and payment of advance amount remains escalation free. However, any escalation in GST or other tax components of the tour is charged as extra from the customer.

  • Evacuation & Emergencies: Indian Moments is a travel management company only and thus doesn’t have any direct control over the operations and performance of various service providers such as the hotels, airlines, transport vehicles, trains, boats, jungle safaris, animal rides, guides, etc. Although Indian Moments will try to work in the best interest of its customers yet it cannot to be made responsible for any occurrence of inefficient performance or non performance of any of these service providers. Apart from this there are natural, political, social, climatic and legal factors beyond the control of Indian Moments which can alter, amend or cancel the operations of a tour, both partly or fully. Indian government regulations concerning certain tourist areas, monuments, national parks, etc may change from time to time and this may affect the operation of a tour in relation to its preplanned way. Indian Moments in such cases tries to alter the arrangements in such a way that the overall experience and comforts of the customer is least affected. It is also ensured that minimum cost is involved, if any, for the customer to pay due to occurrence of any such changes. In the case of any calamity or emergency, safety and well being of customer remains top priority of Indian Moments. Indian Moments provides adequate backup and will use the best possible ways and methods of evacuation for its customers in this regard. Indian Moments advises its customers to cover themselves with comprehensive travel insurance against any possible cost involved in evacuation, sickness, loss of baggage, unintended cancellation and other emergencies.